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For more information about the Sperm DNA Decondensation Test ℠ (SDD)

Sperm DNA Decondensation Test ℠ (SDD)

  • The Sperm DNA Decondensation Test ℠ (SDD) assesses the genetic fitness of sperm by helping to determine the odds that a sperm’s DNA will function either normally or abnormally once it has fertilized an egg. Provides information to help select the most appropriate Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) method faster. May also identify physiological (varicocele), or exposure to environmental/occupational reprodcutive toxicants.

  • Once a sperm has fertilized an egg, the DNA message must go through a transformational process in order for it to successfully combine with the eggs DNA message. The first step in this process is called decondensation.


    These tests assess whether or not the sperm DNA goes through normal decondensation process. Failure to go through the normal process may result in a partially or completely unreadable DNA message. leading to an increased chance of early pregnancy termination, or no pregnancy at all.

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