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About Unilab

Infertility & Reproductive Testing

Unilab is an FDA-registered medical laboratory specializing in infertility and reproductive testing. Unilab is trusted by fertility doctors everywhere to provide accurate and timely results, with an unparalleled level of comprehensive and compassionate care.
Unilab is the largest specialized medical infertility lab in the state, trusted by fertility doctors in South Florida and beyond to provide accurate and timely results.

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Services Provided By Unilab:

➤ Expansive online explanation of infertility tests
 FDA-registered laboratory for donor screening/ donor eligibility testing
➤ Patient plasma/serum stored frozen on-site for one year
➤ Laboratory Information System (LIS) capable of EMR integration
➤ Online ordering and reporting system
➤ Direct access to technical staff for patient questions

➤ No additional fee for expedited testing due to critical issues

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Unilab has collaborated with the US goverment, fortune 500 companies and major universities in clinical research projects. Many projects concentrating on the correlations of assays.

Unilab has established a very large network of phlebotomist and draw centers throughout the United States (FDA Donor Patients Division).

Unilab's international shipping/ receiving has included most of South America and areas throughout  Europe.

Unilab has developed procedures to ensure correct collection processes are followed and the shipments are not disrupted or damaged from extensive shipping journeys.

Unilab has one dedicated staff member with over 7 years of experience in this field.

Unilab currently has courier service capabilities that can cover the state of Florida.  If needed Unilab can quickly establish courier services in any geographic area within the United States.

Our LIS software provider is Orchard. The most widely used and reliable lab software in the industry.

Our Harvest software allows ordering and viewing results via any web portal including smart phones.

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