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At-Home Ovarian Reserve Testing

Unilab Antimüllerian Hormone Test

The Unilab at-home Antimüllerian Hormone Test (AMH) is a simple test that estimates your ovarian reserve (number of eggs left in your ovaries). Knowing this will help your healthcare provider assess your fertility and help you make a plan.  This test requires an order from your healthcare provider.


Measures the presence of AMH in blood


Simple and accurate assessment of ovarian egg supply


Convenient and painless at-home sample collection


Flexible collection taken any time during your menstrual cycle


Fast results in 1-2 days from receipt

Why Test for AMH

The Unilab Antimüllerian Hormone Test Measures Your Ovarian Reserve

Fertility is complex. Studies indicate that up to 15% of couples trying to conceive a child will experience infertility.  Many factors, including AMH, are considered when assessing a couple's fertility. For women, testing is usually focused on ovarian reserve, ovulatory function, and structural defects. 

The Unilab Antimüllerian Hormone (AMH) test is a simple and accurate way to assess your ovarian reserve. This is the number of eggs that are available for fertilization. Women are born with 500,000 to 1 million ooctye (eggs) and overtime this number decreases until they are depleted (menopause).

AMH is a hormone that is produced by ovarian follicles. So, as ovarian reserve decreases with age, so does AMH. Simply said, as women get older, their AMH is expected to decrease. 

AMH assessment is included in most fertility assessments and will help your healthcare provider determine the next steps that are right for you and your reproductive partner.

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Included with my order

Everything You Need To Get Started

The Unilab Antimüllerian Hormone Test Kit

Step-by-step instructions to guide you

Materials for sample collection

Video tutorial for blood sample collection

Prepaid shipping each way

Disposal of collection device

Unilab client service support

How it works

Simply Collect Your Sample and Send it to Unilab

Step 1


Complete Order

Add Unilab AMH test to your cart and complete order form. Your kit should arrive in 3-5 days.

Step 2


Collect Sample

Follow instructions included with kit

Ship sample to using prepaid FedEx mailer.

Step 3


Review Results

Results are sent to your healthcare provider to review with you at  your next appointment.

Order Your At-Home Ovarian Reserve Test

Insurance not accepted for AMH Test


Frequently Asked Questions

About Unilab

About Unilab

We Know Our Stuff

Unilab is a trusted laboratory, specializing in fertility testing since 1988. We have been certified to perform FDA donor screening and AMH testing since 2005.

We Are Legit

Unilab is FDA-registered, CLIA-licensed, and CAP-accredited. All AMH tests are clinically validated and run in-house.

We Understand

Our history is rooted in experience. The Cortes family experienced first-hand the challenges couples face with infertility. Julio Cortes, Owner and President, was the first baby boy born in the United States of a singleton pregnancy after his mother completed an experimental trial of Pergonal.

Learn More

Contact Unilab

Unilab of Dade

2145 W. Davie Blvd, Suite 106

Ft Lauderdale, Fl 33312

Toll Free: 833-4UNILAB

Fax: 954.797.9494

Order Your At-Home Ovarian Reserve Test

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