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FDA Donor Screen Quarterly Reports at Unilab

Unilab’s out of town donor program (within the United States)

If your donor is located in a distant city:

  1. Fill out the attached form and send it to the or fax it back to 954-797-9494

  2. Unilab will find the nearest draw facility near them.

  3. Unilab coordinates with the patient and books the appointment.

  4. Unilab sends the patient the test kit.

  5. The patient arrives at the draw site with the donor test kit in hand (the patient must have a valid government ID at time of blood draw).

  6. Once the blood is drawn, the facility will call Fed-Ex for a pickup.

  7. Unilab then follows up with a confirmatory email that the patients’ blood was drawn and has arrived at the lab

  • Please note the patient must pay for the blood draw. Unilab pays for the shipping coasts.

Unilab’s international donor testing program.

If your donor is located outside the United States:

  1. You must establish an account with Unilab.

  2. Unilab will work with your facility and our international carriers to verify that transit times for receiving the patient blood will be acceptable.  At this time, we will also verify the shipment cost.

  3. Once verified we will ship Unilab’s donor kits to your office.

  4. Your facility will be responsible for shipping costs.

  5. We recommend a “fake donor” prior to shipping actual donors to work out any issues that might arise from customs holding the package.


International sites we have received blood from:

Australia, Argentina, Brazil, Bahamas, Cypress, Canada, Columbia, Georgia, Moscow, Mexico, Spain, UK, and Ukraine.


Highlights of Unilab’s FDA donor testing

•          We hold all donor blood samples for one year.

•          We immediately contact your office if a donor has a positive result.

•          Web/mobile access to your results through our web portal or EMR              

•          Offer STAT FDA donor testing (additional cost may apply).

•          Free consulting/guidance for any FDA donor testing questions you may have.

•          We provide your office with phlebotomy supplies.


Standard turnaround time on donor panels is 48 hours, assuming there are no positive results that require repeat testing.  You can customize your donor panels to include or reflex to additional testing.  

Unilab offers both out of town (over 600 draw sites in the US) and an extensive international donor testing program.

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