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Sperm DNA Decondensation Test (SDD SM Test) Preparation Kit


Read all instructions carefully before you begin collecting this sample.

Contact Unilab/AndroJek Client Services at 877-522-5678 if you have any questions 

Specimen(s) are to be shipped to UniLab Monday-Thursday only

500,000 or more sperm are required for the SDDSM Test


Kit Contents

2 Cool Packs  (freeze 24 hours min. prior to collection)

1 Sterile Specimen Cup  

1 2 ml Cryovial with labels (to be filled out with patient information and affixed to cryovial)* 

Transfer Pipette*

Biohazard Bag

White Shipping Box

Styrofoam Box (2 pieces)

Prepaid FedEx Air Bill

Bubble Wrap


*The standard kit comes with 1 Collection Cup, 1 cryovial tube and 1 transfer pipette. For practices wanting to send multiple specimens in one kit additional collection cups, cryovial tubes and transfer pipettes can be ordered. Kits can accommodate up to 8 cryovials (1 patient specimen per cryovial).

Specimen Collection and Storage


  1. The 2 cool packs must be placed flat in the freezer for a minimum of 24 hours prior to collection of the sample. 

  2. After 2-3 days (2 min, 5 max) of abstinence, collect the sample in a specimen collection cup and replace the lid of the cup. (medical practices please be sure there is a min. of 250,000 sperm before sending) 

  3. Important:  After sample collection, allow the semen sample to remain at room temperature for 1 hour.

  4. Use the 3 ml transfer pipette to transfer the semen sample into the labeled 2 ml cryovial tube and cap tightly: Place the bulb end of the plastic pipette between your thumb and finger, Squeeze out some air and then place the tip of the pipette into the semen in the collection cup, Reduce the pressure of your fingers on the bulb, drawing the semen up into the pipette, Place the pipette tip into the 2 ml cryovial tube. Gently squeeze the bulb to allow semen to flow into the tube.

  5. Repeat these steps until the 2 ml cyrovial tube until all the semen has been transferred or the tube is almost completely full. Be careful not to fill the tube all the way to the top as this may cause the specimen to leak out when the cap is screwed on. Also the cap may not seal properly which would cause the specimen to leak out during transit. Make sure to screw the cap on tightly.

  6. Repeat steps 1-6 if you are going to batch and ship multiple specimens (max.8 per shipper).

  7. Make sure to record the date, patient name and time of collection on the provided label

  8. Affix each label to its appropriate 2 ml cryovial tube(s). Wrap the 2 ml cryovial tube(s) in the plastic bubble wrap.

  9. Place the tube(s) with the corresponding requisition(s) into the Biohazard bag. Make sure each tube is properly labeled so it can be matched up with its corresponding requisition form when it is processed at the lab. For Patient Billing there is an area on the requisition form for the patient to include payment information. Alternatively, the patient can call Unilab to arrange for payment. Seal the Biohazard bag shut

  10. The semen can then be refrigerated at 4º C for up to 9 days before shipping. If shipping immediately please continue for shipping instructions.

Shipping Instructions


  1. Place 1 frozen cool pack in the bottom of the Styrofoam box, then place the wrapped 15 ml conical tube(s) on top. Place the other cool pack on top of the tube(s) so the specimen(s) is/are sandwiched between the 2 cool packs

  2. Cap the Styrofoam box, seal it with tape and place the sealed Styrofoam box into the white cardboard shipper.

  3. Please complete the FedEx Air bill by checking the following items: ( A. Express Package Service – Priority Overnight B. Package – FedEx Pak C. Attach to FedEx Pak)

  4. Place the finished mailer onto a FedEx Pak making sure that the FedEx Pak is properly sealed.

  5. Call Unilab with the Fed-Ex tracking number and your physical location.

  6. You may call Fed-Ex for pick-up at 1-800-463-3339, drop at a FedEx location or have Unilab call for pick-up

  7. Once testing is complete, Unilab will fax the results to the physician’s office.



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