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FDA Donor Sample Handling & Preparation

Unilab has a unique and convenient way of completing FDA donor testing for out of town donors across the country. This process has been successful for the last 13 years and we have excelled every step of the way. We are FDA registered, CLIA certified and participate with CAP. Unilab has made this process very convenient and easy for patients to follow. See below for the entire process from start to finish. If you have any questions feel free to contact our office to speak to one of our customer service reps. 

Requesting Testing

Requesting Sperm/Egg Donor FDA Testing

  1. Identify a donor you would like to send for testing.

  2. Fill out and send UNILAB the Donor Information Form and Requisition to or fax to (954) 797-9494

  3. Results will be faxed and/or reported online upon completion

Required Documents:

Sending out the FDA Donor Kit

  1. Once UNILAB receives the Donor Information Form and Requisition, we begin searching both inside and outside of our network for a draw facility that is the best fit for your donor.

  2. Within the 3-7 business days your donor will receive their supplies, instructions and return shipping necessary to collect their samples and send it to UNILAB for testing

Inside The Kit - For Draw Station

Inside Of Specimen Bag:

Paperwork Inside Specimen Bag For Draw Location:

Inside The Kit - For The Patient

Return Shipping

  1. Everything must go back into the box

  2. Place box into Clinical Pak

  3. Airbill with return address is already attached on clinical Pak.

  4. Remove adhesive and seal package. 

  5. Ready for FedEx shipment.

Sample Fedex Airbill With Instructions:
Sample FedEx Airbill with Instructions Unilab
Sending Out Kit
Inside Kit Draw Station
Inside Kit Patient
Return Shipping
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