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Male Reproductive Health Panel (MRH)

The Male Reproductive Health (MRH) panel, which includes the SCFA, can help minimize the time, emotional and financial cost of ART attempts at pregnancy while maximizing your live birth rate. Standard semen analysis provides minimal information on a patient's male factor issues that are negatively affecting Assisted Reproductive Technology (ART) attempts at pregnancy. 


In order to provide advanced sperm testing that goes beyond standard semen analysis providing clinically significant results, a Male Reproductive Health (MRH) Panel was developed by David B. Brown, Ph.D., President and CEO of Male Fertility Diagnostics, LLC, Fort Lauderdale, Florida and is offered exclusively through Unilab.

The Male Reproductive Health (MRH) Panel of tests identifies approximately 35% of the males whose sperm are analyzed in the tests as having male related issues. The MRH consists of three tests:

  • Sperm DNA Accelerated Decondensation (SDAD) Test: Measures Accelerated Sperm DNA Decondensation (Sperm Head Swelling)

  • Sperm DNA Decondensation (SDD) Test: Measures Delay in Sperm DNA Decondensation (Sperm Head Swelling)

  • Sperm Chromatin Fragmentation Assay (SCFA): Measures Fragmented Sperm DNA: Compromised DNA Integrity & Measures Immature Sperm

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