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Sperm DNA Decondensation Test

Sperm DNA Decondensation (SDD) Test

The Sperm DNA Decondensation (SDD) Test is one of the three tests that makes up the Male Reproductive Health Panel at Unilab. The SDD test measures delay in sperm DNA decondensation, or sperm head swelling. 


Once a sperm has fertilized an egg, the DNA message must go through a transformational process in order for it to successfully combine with the eggs DNA message. The first step in this process is called decondensation. This test assess whether or not the sperm DNA goes through normal decondensation process. Failure to go through the normal process may result in a partially or completely unreadable DNA message. leading to an increased chance of early pregnancy termination, or no pregnancy at all.

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What is the SDD Test?

The SDD Test is used to identify patients whose sperm are incapable of normal decondensation and, therefore, proper embryonic development.


Only commercially available in vitro sperm function test for evaluating a critical post-fertilization sperm activation event, i.e., decondensation of the sperm chromatin, in a controlled, physiologically relevant environment* The SDD Test is one part of the Human Sperm Activation Assay (HSAA); an in vitro sperm function test that can evaluate sperm activation events including: decondensation, DNA synthesis, and recondensation1,2 Patent numbers: 5,358,847, 5,770,363, and 5,919,621 (+ 2 Patents Pending).

What can the SDD test do for your clinic?

Improve your clinic’s live birth rates for IUI, IVF and ICSI

What can the SDD test do for your patients?

With better direction in treatment, patients will bring babies home sooner and suffer less emotionally and financially.

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