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Updated AMH Ranges

Updated: Jul 6, 2022

Over 16 years ago Dr. Julio Cortes realized the importance of the Anti-Mullerian assay to fertility evaluation.

In 2006 Unilab was one of the first commercial labs to offer AMH as a new tool for measuring ovarian reserve in infertile patients. The data we analyzed to create these graphs represents 10,888 Unilab patients with the exclusion of 20% outliers (one of Dr. Cortes’ favorite tools) to obtain reference values based on this large data pool.

The updated chart is comprised of Unilab's proprietary AMH patient data from 2019-2022. The data set included 10,888 patients. Removing 20% of the lowest value results and 20% of the highest value results from each age group eliminated the outliers, allowing for precise mean, median, standard deviation, and age reference ranges. With the 20% outliers removed, the current data set includes 6,531 patients. The Beckman Coulter Anti-Müllerian Hormone (AMH) Assay was used to obtain the results.

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